My most popular LOTION BAR SPECIAL:

These healing herbal Lotion Bars are very popular for people on the go. Each is in a base of pure organic olive oil and natural bees wax and each has it’s own specific healing qualities for a variety of skin conditions.  The Rose Lotion Bar for a gentle and quick moisturizing treatment. This balm bar is gentle enough to be used on the face, under eyes or lips, and is absorbent enough to use under make up prior to applying or even over make-up for quick, moisturizing spot treatment.  My Mango Lotion Bar is extremely good for softening tough areas like knees and elbows and is quickly absorbed so not to leave a mark on clothing. It is gentle enough for chapped lips, and cheeks, and provides a barrier from harsh weather conditions. The Healing Lotion Bar is for very irritated and reddened skin. It is especially good for wind or sun burned skin, and is a great healing formula for scratches, paper cuts or any abrasion.  The ingredients in these Lotion Bars are just as effective as my Medicinal Salves and just as pure and natural. The ONLY difference is that I have processed them to be a little softer for convenience of travel and on-the-go use. I only buy from certified organic farms and providers and only infuse from my own farm that is pesticide and chemical free, and wild grown plants. There are no chemical, abrasives, alcohols or artificial fragrances in my products. All my products are pet and child friendly.

Here is an opportunity to try these three full sized Lotion Bars at a special price. One 2 oz tin of each of the Lotion Bars: Rose, Mango, and Healing are included in this special. This is your opportunity to try each hand held Lotion Bar and decide for yourselves which you like best for your specific skin conditions. Each bars is made especially soft and absorbent and easy to handle when on the go. Each 2 oz tin is easily carried in a pocket or purse for the  convenience of a healing treatment on the go.
This is offer includes:
One 2 oz Rose Lotion bar regularly $7.99
One 2 0z Mango Lotion Bar regularly  $7.99
One 2 0z Healing Lotion Bar regularly $7.99
Ordinarily these would be $23.97, but you will get them:
ALL TOGETHER for $18.99