Ordering Stone Pond Farm products, what to expect.


I am Linda Meek, owner of Stone Pond Farm and creator of the Stone Pond Farm products.

The most important thing that I want you to know that you can contact me at any time and ask me any questions you want.

Here is my CONTACT FORM, and you can always email me directly at:


Stone Pond Farm formulas in the Skinbasics and NaturalHealing product lines are always carefully made in small handblended batches in order to assure freshness and quality. Sometimes, however, this means that my most popular formulas sell out of stock quickly. If there will be a delay as new batches are prepared, I may contact you at the email you included in your Paypal order and advise you that you can expect a delay, and tell you how long that delay will be. If you like, you can email me before ordering and ask about whether the product you want will be quickly available.

All my Stone Pond Farm products are completely vegetarian and contain no animal products whatsoever. My products have never been animal tested and never will be. My commitment to pure vegetable-based ingredients is absolute.