SkinBasics Hand Blended All Natural Face and Body Care StarterKit


SKINBASICS STARTER KIT SPECIAL, all items together for $50:



This starter kit is offered to the first time user. All the benefits of my products in one full sized kit. There is no better way to reap the benefits of an all natural face and body care regime then to start out by completely eliminating chemical products immediately. When you see the difference you will not go back to over the counter products. In the kit I offer the three most important products for your daily routine, your face cleanser, toner, moisturizing lotion. Plus included is a free 4 oz trial size body lotion.  All together for $50:

DAILY FOAMING CLEANSER,  6oz,  A gentle, hydrating and lightly foaming cleanser suitable for delicate and maturing skin. Clary Sage washes away excessive oil with out stripping the skin of needed natural moisturizing protection. It rids the face of debris and environmental impurities without irritating delicate skin around the eyes, nose and lips. Follow with Daily Face and Body Toner, and Daily Face Lotion.

DAILY FACE AND BODY TONER, 8oz, Any skin care regime is not complete without a toner to cool and calm skin after cleansing. This one is delicately astringent, soothing, and hydrating. It is perfect for sensitive and maturing skin. Rose-Geranium has moisture retaining qualities and a refreshing and calming scent.

DAILY FACE LOTION, 4oz, A rich and hydrating lotion that softens and soothes the face, neck and chest. Suitable for all skin types as a protective barrier against environmental impurities, and make-up build up. This special blend of essential oils hand blended into a skin-moisturizing  miracle lotion will reduce lines and wrinkles while bringing brightness and color, softness and life back into maturing skin.

PLUS+ FREE OLIVE OIL AND BODY LOTION, 4oz, Because we can’t forget to moisturize the remaining body, I have included in this starter kit a trial size of my Olive Oil and Lavender Body Lotion. This lotion has a luxurious feel with a light consistency that absorbs quickly into the skin. Don’t let the lightness of this lotion fool you, it packs a moisturizing wallop. Aloe, evening primrose and sea buckthorn essential oils are among the skin nourishing additives that help this lotion penetrate deep into dry damaged skin and leave you with soft, hydrated skin. This rich and hydrating all-over body lotion provides a full spectrum of vitamins, anti-oxidants, trace minerals, and anti-bacterial properties as well as, anti-inflammatory and fungicidal protection.

All Stone Pond Farm Products are hand blended with all natural ingredients made from organic herbs and essential oils for Clear, vibrant skin. Products Do not contain any chemicals, abrasives, alcohol or artificial color or scent.