100% OLIVE OIL BATHE BAR Pure Olive Oil Soap

An extremely pure and simple true olive oil soap bar. Made with organic olive oil, first pressing and expeller pressed. If you are looking for the purest possible soap for your sensitive skin this is it. No fragrances, no additives, nothing but very high-grade organic olive oil and natural spring water.

100% OLIVE OIL BATHE BAR made with Pure Olive Oil Soap, the best soap made for delicate skin. For sensitive skin, nothing cleans more gently than soap.


This bathe bar recipe is taken from an old Sicilian recipe that I picked up on my travels through Italy this year. Their recipe was simple, only three ingredients: olive oil, water and lye. For my recipe I use organic olive oil, natural spring water and sodium hydroxide. I like the simplicity of the recipe and the notion that I am doing something wholesome for my skin without adding anything more harmful then is already present from environmental debris. I am cleaning my body as naturally as possible. And, as with all my handmade products, all ingredients are as natural and as organic as possible with no added artificial coloring, fragrances, abrasives, alcohols, or chemicals. Organic olive oil forms the base of the soap. Giving your skin a complete smothering of nourishing oil and leaving a layer on the skin after rinsing for protection, moisturizing and softening. People with dry skin will love bathing with this soap. You can enjoy soft smooth skin between washe. Some people may wonder if sodium hydroxide, the modern version of lye ash, is a harmful chemical additive. But, in the sponification process, or the hardening process, the sodium hydroxide changes and becomes inert, allowing the soap to harden, and lather, and gives it very long lasting qualities. Unlike commercial soaps that melt away in the shower and make  gooey mess in the soap dish, this soap lasts and lasts to the very end. There is nothing complicated about using this soap on your skin, nothing more simple then the three ingredient soap, and nothing as completely gentle and safe for cleaning your body. It is what it is, 100% pure natural organic olive oil soap for bathing.

100% OLIVE OIL BATHE BAR     3.6 x 2.6 x 1.0 bar , 4 0z.  $5.00

100% OLIVE OIL BATHER BAR 6 PACK    3.6 x 2.6 x 1.0 bars, 24 oz.  $28.00