Wholesale pricing and deliveries of Stone Pond Farm SkinBasics and NaturalHealing products

Wholesale ordering of quantities of Stone Pond Farm SkinBasics and NaturalHealing Artisan Crafted skincare, beauty, and healing formulas are available to qualified purchasers who are interested in stocking businesses with this unique brand of beauty health and personal care product.

Feel free to inquire by emailing lindameek@stonepondfarm.com . Please include whatever resale Tax ID you intend to use, and information about your planned distribution, including region and planned locations, store or company websites, and billing and shipping information if possible. An indication of expected order sizes would also be useful. We will reply with pricing and shipping information.

Stone Pond Farms is happy to provide exclusive rights for your company and region, with a suitable deposit of earnest money to show that you intend to take advantage of that exclusive license.

If you wish or require dedicated displays and promotional materials, that can be arranged, although again we may ask for an additional deposit for that service, depending on the size of the initial order and planned future orders.

Our terms would typically be as follows:

1. We request an initial deposit for security of $100 to start your account. After one year with at least one further order of a minimum size and timely payments, that deposit for security may be applied to your balance, and all following orders processed without  security or prepayment. A typical minimum size order would be for $500 retail value of products, tho this might vary with the size of your distribution plan.

2. Payment terms would typically be a standard 30 days. Some purchasers may qualify for 60 days. Discuss your payment ideas with us and we may be able to arrange some other payment model.

3. Returns may be subject to a 15% Returns Fee. You are welcome to discuss the particulars of your return with us, and ask for the waiving of the return fee. Please be sincere in your efforts to market these products.

Again, feel free to contact us and discuss the possibilities. lindameek@stonepondfarm.com Wholesale prices available only by direct request by qualified purchasers.