About Stone Pond Farm

Stone Pond Farm Products have been specifically formulated to offer a gentle and sensible natural replacement to mass-produced products and to eliminate the amount of chemicals absorbed into our bodies through the skin.
Stone Pond Farm Products

Stone Pond Farm Products

All creams, lotions and salves are made from organic ingredients, with no alcohol, chemicals, abrasives or artificial fragrance. Many of the plants used are grown on the Farm, then diffused or distilled for their beneficial ingredients. Small batches, custom made with the best cold pressed carrier oils, butters, waxes, and essential oils, assure freshness and quality.

Each product is made by hand in custom-blended, small batches, to insure high quality. Because there are no chemical preservatives in these products, the shelf life has been tested and guaranteed for one year. Because they are concentrated and require only small amounts to achieve results, they are sold in 2, 4 and 8 ounce quantities only. For maximum freshness, if storing until use, store product in refrigerator.

Stone Pond


 Stone Pond Farm is a 75-acre property, nestled in the hills of Central Pennsylvania. Originally settled in the 1800‘s, efforts are ongoing to rebuild, recondition, and return the land to a native plant and wildlife habitat, following environmentally healthy practices. Re-introducing native plants and wild crafting for Stone Pond Farm products has been an endeavor for the past 20 years.



borage at Stone Pond Farm


Founder and creator Linda Meek has been studying, using, and making herbal products for over 40 years. She’s been creating skin care products, many based on heirloom recipes, since 1980.